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One simple overview of all your books


Which books of your favorite Author do you actually already have? All sci-fi books? It's possible... and its easy.

It's free!


We think great software should be free. That's why this is free, and always will be!

Find books the way you search them


How do you want to add the books? Look them up by Author, free search, title, or rather ISBN. Whatever floats your boat, you will find it.

Go where your books are


Your books aren't behind your computer and neither should you be. Use our app for iPad, iPhone or Android to add your books!

Get suggestions


Find books you didn't even know you were looking for! From the books you have added to your library we can give suggestions on what other books you would like.

Public, or rather private?

You can keep your collection to yourself, or you can share it with your friends. You decide.


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Did we mention it's free?